Special Constable - Expression of interest

4 Hours per week

Are you interested in becoming a Special Constable with North Yorkshire Police? Recruitment launches on 18th June 2018!

Use this link to submit your application:


Special Constables come from all walks of life and join for a variety of reasons. They are a vital part of all Police Forces across the country, supporting and enhancing the work of regular Police Officers. North Yorkshire Police have a well-established Special Constabulary of dedicated volunteers and we are committed to recruiting hard-working individuals each year with a genuine interest in policing.

You will need to be able to commit to volunteering a minimum of 16 hours per month, though during your initial training and probation it is likely you would need to complete significantly more hours and commit to ongoing training. Initial training is made up of 3-4 months of weekend based training which is mandatory.

Becoming a Special will also help you to discover a lot about yourself and you will learn just how much you are really capable of. Becoming a Special Constable really is one of the most exciting and rewarding voluntary opportunities available! Do you have what it takes?

Please note: this not a full application form to become a Special Constable, the purpose of the following form is to express your interest in the role prior to the launch of the recruitment campaign. Please use the link above to submit an application after 18th June 2018!